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A comprehensive guide to navigation this is the pdf version of the route card template. Map, compass and route card will be used frequently and so must be easily accessible. At a basic level, you should make a note of the following. Here you can add and edit the information about your expedition for example your expedition aim, names and contact details, dates, times, level of award etc. Another thing you can do is export your map and route card in a gpx format. All of these resources are helpful references for you while doing your bronze dofe award. This reduces the downward and backward pull on your back and should be more comfortable to carry. You just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and realise theres more to life than sitting on a sofa watching life pass you by.

Gpx map files can only be viewed via a specialist mapping application. Gpx file, please note that information that has been entered manually into the route card for example escape routes, supervisor contact details and activity times will not be included within the file name. Day 1 route a 416 098 lewes station 402 101 lewes hm prison path onto s downs 374 125 black cap summit visit 206m trig point. To import a gpx file start by creating a map giving it a title and description. Royal canadian air cadets guide to the duke of edinburghs award. The pdf kit list download below applies to all dofe groups including gold groups going into the mountains for several days.

You can now check the weather or begin plotting a route from this point. This download is the 40 page dofe expedition course notes document that we. Please select route card from the top lefthand corner of the screen and this will open up. They should have the maps open and ready to use, the route cards.

At its most advanced it includes calculations of time, bearings, estimate time of arrivals, break times and even exit routes and strategies. A useful addition to the system since it does all the hard work for you. At the moment, the maximum file size is 2mb or 3000 waypoints. Expedition downloads for navigation and route planning. Some of the fields in the route breakdown are automatically. If you go up 40m down 20m and then up another 30m your height climbed should be 70m excel file downloaded from uk. Route card notes on completion for each leg involving journeying only enter route details in columns b to k. Some of the fields in the route breakdown are automatically populated by the route that you have plotted for example the grid reference, distance and leg. Dofe route card silvergold pdf version participants should click on the word document below, save to their own area or storage device and keep a copy for your records uploading to your edofe profile as evidence. Same route card as above but in pdf format not editable. Filter opportunities listed by approved activity providers or licensed organisations for the dofe. Direction from the compass in terms of the cardinal and the four intercardinal points. Jun 04, 2012 video for can dofe students to show how to use route cards on edofe.

Theres no prescriptive format for a route card, but the key information should be written down and made available to your epoc. This will bring up the print pane on the lefthand side of. When nonjourneying activity exploring is planned at the break between legs, leave columns c to f blank, enter the estimated time required to complete the activity in. Emergency equipment whistlesurvival bags emergency rations emergency card weight under 25% of body weight. If a document is labeled with a megabyte, it should be considered a large file and it may take a while to download to your pc. If you select route card in the top lefthand corner of the screen, it will open your expedition route card. Once you have successfully saved your route card, the system will notify you. To save as a new map, create a new map and then import the. Same route card as above but in pdf format not editable download. Find guidance, advice, forms, finders, contacts, templates and more to help you do or run the dofe. Gold award the gateway outdoors gold dofe award expedition provision can be accessed in three ways.

Most gpx software packages have the ability to do this. Expedition route card system autocalculating teaching. The spreadsheet looks near enough identical to the standard dofe route cards, your participants need to fill in some basic info like speed, and start time, and then. Download times of large pdf files vary based on connection speed. Setting the map by the compass where magnetic variation may be ignored. How do i print my edofe map and route card in pdf format. Expedition training resources dofe moray expedition overview. A route card is a safety measure and is completed before setting out on the journey. Next select and this will highlight the route on the map screen now reduce the route card window so that it does not interfere with the maps screen. You can email these files to your assessor, or send to your dofe leader in edofe to. To return to the map view, please select route card at the top of the screen. Gpx file, please note that information that has been entered manually. To return to the map view, please select route card at the top.

How to use the edofe mapping tool to produce a route map. Shorter bronze and silver trips on the downs will not necessarily need all of the more specialist optional items like gaiters. At its most basic, its a simple list of key way points that make up a route. Generally, heavy items such as tents should be packed close to your back and as high up as possible. Microsoft explorer will display the pdf file in your browser window when you mouseclick the pdf card links on the checkin pageprovided that you have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. Mx expedition card the mx expedition card works within mx map and allows the user to create a dofe route card in seconds. Oct 06, 2012 blank route card and completed route card example for duke of edinburgh expeditions. Gpx file is larger than this, reduce the size by splitting the route into two or more files, or reduce the number of waypoints. If you click on route card in the top left hand corner of the screen you will open up your expedition route.

Download as gpx file into as a back up and to use in other mapping other. Expedition downloads navigation and route planning the duke. Route card and tracings compass watch tent stove fuel food rations for two days tin opener cooking utensils matches washing up equipment toilet paper first aid kit paper and pencil mobile phone bin bag camera silver. Check points 18 must have place names and 6 fig grid refs. If you choose print to pdf, your route card will be downloaded as a pdf file and you can then print it. Drawing up a route card requires a bit of patience and a lot of practice but is an essential skill for any budding mountaineer to master. A dofe programme is an adventure from beginning to end. If you scroll further down the page you will also see the route breakdown, this is used to populate your route card. Expedition route card expedition route card use one per day aim of expedition. Rgs duke of edinburgh award route card one card per day. Os maps for the whole gb online this is a separate agreement to your mobile maps. Printing 2sided pdf card files the biospiritual institute. Once you have added a minimum of two checkpoints to your route you will be able to. The route card, along with a copy of your corresponding map, is given to a.

Find and filter, helpful assets and downloads needed to facilitate running dofe programmes in a licensed organisation. The route card should be completed prior to the journey. Lupine adventure cooperative route card time added in. Leg start general direction or bearing distance in km height. The points of your route card should match with the route on your map, based on the maps longitudelatitude grid lines. A gpx file contains the route and route card information and can be emailed to others. When printing adobe pdf files from within your web. Please consider adding a donation to the ms society at checkout every pound goes a long way to helping prevent this lifeaffecting disease. Video for can dofe students to show how to use route cards on edofe.

The normal office hours support by email and phone and if allowed and required, we can. Dofe moray expedition training resources this is the place scroll down for sharing dofe moray resources such as files, expedition training presentations or route maps so that others can download them. Where roads are unavoidable please take care and proceed safely. This day route planning must take place a minimum of 68 weeks ahead of the training and practice expedition so that we can submit route cards in good time in accordance with dofe guidance. Printing your map to print your map, select print from the mapping toolbar. Levels you can do programmes at three levels, bronze, silver or gold. To do this exit the print menu and click on the export gpx button. At epa, pdf file sizes are labeled and megabytes are indicated by mb. An extra days rations and clothes three season sleeping bag survival bag gaiters.

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