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Kuroko was peacefully seating in his chair alone with a book in his hands, the classroom was empty because its lunch time and kagami plus the other freshmen trio went to the cafeteria for a japanese lunch time rush thats what kagami called it now, he was hoping for a quiet and peaceful lunch time, but only to be crushed by a bunch of rowdy teens enter inside his classroom with kise immediately. You took off all my eyebrows anyways, fucking you just cackled loudly. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Kagami is a fierce and thoughtful girl who is dedicated to accomplishing any commitment she makes.

Kuroko no basuke kurokos basketball kagami epic zone. Oct 28, 20 this pin was discovered by priscilla diaz. After the winter cup, he retired along with the rest of the third. Read meets kagami taiga from the story the undercover agent kuroko no basket by hilariouskid with 5,641 reads. He didnt look stunned or anything, actually his face remains blank, but the slight widening of his eyes made them think that he, too, was shocked. Moments with kuroko tetsuya chapter 3, a kuroko no basuke. They push your natural jumping power to the limit, so theyre exhausting. He is determined to defeat the generation of miracles and become the best in japan. Riko took a few moments to think before asking, kagamikun, how many more times can you jump. He is tetsuya kuroko s basketball colleague and friend.

Kagami, kuroko, and you hung out several more times outside of school through out the rest of the month for kagami s tutoring. Anime bald guy helping a friend, please like and subscribe to momond tv for games, memes and korean stuffs. Kuroko no basuke the generation of miracles with kagami and momoi in mafia au. You can now print this beautiful kuroko no basket kagami coloring page or color online for free. Kuroko hates being underestimated, so he makes it a point that hes your boyfriend by quite literally being your shadow. When it comes down mental strength kagami receives a 910. Kuroko was about to reply, but the sound of running was heard. Aomine daiki x kise ryouta, kagami taiga x kuroko tetsuya genres. Tetsuya kuroko kuroko tetsuya is the main protagonist of the manga, kuroko no basuke. Has the same powers as kuroko, but with enhanced base skills and strength as compared to kuroko, so unlike the latter he can stay on the court for the entire game for two reasons. Read reader x kagami bathroom lemon from the story kuroko no basket various x reader by animelu mei feng with 11,430 reads.

Kagami x male reader on kurokonoxreader deviantart. High quality kagami inspired wall art by independent artists and designers from around the world. Jan 26, 2017 the perfect kagami kuroko animated gif for your conversation. Likewise, she can be somewhat reluctant and quite stubborn, willing to go out and take risks regardless of what is at stake for her. Kuroko no basket my thoughts on kagami anime amino. All anime anime love manga anime anime art anime stuff kagami kuroko kagami taiga. Taiga kagami kagami taiga is the deuteragonist of the kuroko no basuke series as well as the ace and power forward of seirin high. A few moments of silence, and fanning your newlydone toenails, and a loud crash sounded from the bathroom. I bet akashis not good at cooking and has maids cook him very fancy dishes so kagami would have to teach him for kuroko s. He walked towards his window and saw a cat sitting on the wall fence. Did you think you could win if it turned into a fight. Kuroko guesses that the person kagami has a crush on its smaller then him physically, has a better grade then him, and kagami gets nervous. But his optimism slowly turns to stress as his grandmothers book started to attract attention, from a totally different crowd. See more ideas about kuroko, kuroko no basket and kuroko s basketball.

The reasoning behind this score is because kagami in some scenes is know to falter. At that moment, the door swung open with a ring of the bell and a tall greenhead, and a giant. Kuroko no basuke extra kuroko no basuke wiki fandom. Kuroko was behind kagami, and began reaching out to steal the ball, but was taken aback by akashi smiling at him, saying, its been a while, kuroko.

Kagami shouted from the bathroom, another crash heard from there. Kuroko still organizing his books when he turned his head, hearing a throaty purr coming from outside his window. Kuroko tetsuya oneshot book requests currently closed. And kagami looked him in the eye with those fierce red. Later on in the first chapter after kuroko bit kagami s tongue the second day at school kagami s friends starts teasing him again and gives him. Oneshot book requests currently closed kuroko tetsuya. Official fanbook kuroko no basket characters bible. He was the phantom sixth player of the generation of miracles at teiko junior high. Lets spread kagami taiga to all over the world with us to get an anime stuff you want free. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. When he asked the manager what happened to him, he said that he retired. For his sake, murasakibara continues playing and even enters the zone. When incoming firstyear student taiga kagami joins the seirin high basketball team, he meets tetsuya kuroko, a mysterious boy whos plain beyond words. Mayuzumi chihiro was a regular member in rakuzan high.

Mizuki tama honey so sweet kuroko no basuke dj eng november 25, 20 to comments. Kuroko no basket zone moments list of kuroko no basket zone moments. So far, there have been ten extras, each telling a separate story. Kuroko no basuke dj eng december 30, 2015 to comments. Kuroko no basket kagami taiga best moments youtube. He saw the tip of a cats tail, swishing back and forth. So, kuroko turned kagami s resume over and simply said, youre hired. Kuroko no basket all the zone moments recation youtube. He was a power forward and the only third year among the starting five of rakuzan. Kagami chases after kuroko to ask why, then kuroko asks him to kiss him on the lips and afterwards kuroko tells kagami that he will be his coachmentor and practice with him on what lovers should do. He was the phantom sixth player of the generation of miracles. Kuroko no basket match moments seirin vs kaijo practice.

Moments with kuroko tetsuya chapter 4, a kuroko no basuke. Kuroko, kise, midorima and aomine having the most common of these moments. Kuroko tetsuya, an acquaintance name met moments ago in the library, rubbed his chin in thought before gasping, ah. The heat of the moment chapter 2, a kuroko no basuke. Official fanbook kuroko no basket characters bible the following yellow part is a quote from mangafox of a nice person who kindly translated a part of the famous knb characters bible. Still, only the combined efforts of kiyoshi, kagami, and kuroko manage to stop him, and seirin wins. In order to overcome the stamina drain during the last quarter of the match against rakuzan, kagami reserved using the zone for specific moments during offense in. You stood in the doorway for a moment before taking a deep breath and going inside. And no, it wasnt just a figurative speech or an empty promise, because kuroko would really love to meet kagami again later and know. Kuroko, as he knows, is really oblivious and rather innocent. And you found yourself falling for kuroko more and more every day you. He stretched his other hand wanting to pet its fur. Kagami said, patting kuroko s back in a friendly and grateful gesture with a wide grin on his face before he entered the office, yes, see you later. Fic kuroko no basuke heart breath kagami x kuroko yaoyuay.

The anime manages to stretch the first yousen game over five and a half episodes, which is more than twice the actual match duration. However, akashi broke past him by driving in the right side before making a quick crossover when kagami leaned towards the left. Kagami taiga taiga kagami kuroko no basuke by akiyamamio kuroko no basuke kuroko s basketball image zerochan anime image board here is a collection of os and preferably not a basket on kuroko. When he and midorima arrive at an restaurant and spot kagami, kuroko, kise, and kasamatsu at a table, he immediately lights up and tells kasamatsu that he admires him and wishes to hear his stories. Riko took a few moments to think before asking, kagami kun, how many more times can you jump. Kuroko no basket various x reader peeping kagami x. Read peeping kagami x reader lemon from the story kuroko no basket various x reader by abbievanitycakes. This color book was added on 20190117 in anime coloring page and was printed 291 times by kids and adults. Happy third kuroko no basuke season, my dear reader. Tayoko kuroko no basuke dj breakfast kr oniyuri spiral of the sound of the rain kuroko no basuke dj eng oniyuri tayoko kuroko no basuke dj kise sandwich eng. These basketball cuties are shooting three pointers into your heart. Both kuroko and kagami see old friends walk back into their lives, providing a challenge both on and off the court. Kise ryouta, copycat player of the generation of miracles cried enthusiastically after spotting the other three in a corner of maji burger.

Kagami looks at his partner, wondering what he will do in the situation. Kagami also enters the zone to combat yosen, prompting murasakibara to give up. Kuroko no basket in 2020 kuroko no basket, no basket, kuroko. Kuroko no basuke extra is an extra section of the kuroko no basuke manga. Kuroko no basuke kuroko s basketball 393k views november 8, 2016. Alongside strong teammates such as taiga kagami, kuroko will use his unique skills on the court to help the team defeat old rivals and make their way to the championships.

An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Outraged, himuro tells murasakibara to keep fighting until the end. The undercover agent kuroko no basket meets kagami taiga. The seirin team gathers in maji burger, where riko announces that they will chat complete nonsense, because they are in the extras. Kagami taigakuroko tetsuya works archive of our own. Banpresto 5 kurokos basketball break time figure kuroko. Like tetsuya kuroko, he possesses the ability of misdirection. Kuroko was heartbroken that he wouldnt be able to see kagami again, but. Aomine had been in the zone longer then kagami but they had both tired out at the same rate with kagami only have a slight boost.

Unable to start a conversation out of any context, hyuga calls the seirin freshmen to entertain them. However, kagami has been shown to surpass his time limit when he has proper motivation like fighting for his teammates. As new skills are developed and new alliances created, enemies from various teamsgiants of high school. Taking advantage of kagamis surprise, he spun around and got around him. Kuroko heats up again as he realizes this celebratory trip will also be a means to end their unintended course of celibacy. He then pulls him away, allowing for midorima to take kasamatsus seat at what becomes the worlds most awkward table setting. Setelah berlatih keras, akhirnya tim seirin siap menghadapi.

He just focused on getting the job done so he could go to his kise. With the interhigh championship finally over, seirins basketball team refocuses their efforts, training harder than ever to get the chance to participate in the winter cup. Kuroko no basuke taiga kagami x seijuurou akashi kagaaka book kedua bersama vorpal sword akashi seijuuro has created an account aomine daiki has created an account kagami taiga has created an account. Jun 27, 2017 kuroko no basket funny moments 5 reki tv. There is a moment of silence as everyone look at kuroko s reaction. Read encouragement kagami x reader from the story kuroko no basket various x reader by abbievanitycakes. Kagami, kuroko and kise made their way back to where yasu was waiting with their belongings before kagami started to lecture kuroko.

Knb3 episode 4 kuroko no basuke episode 54 boooooobbies. Watching, kuroko and kagami vow to develop their own style of basketball. Kurokos basketball kagami epic zone moments duration. That boy is tetsuya kuroko, a freshman at seirin high and the newest member of the basketball club. Kuroko no basket x reader one shots will hopefully satisfy your needs. An example would be the zone fight between kagami and aomine. Seirin highs greatest basketball superstar was the one no one literally saw comingthe invisible kuroko. Or worst, you wouldnt be able to play basketball anymore kuroko said, then turned to you, ignoring the scaredlooking blonde. Kuroko was trying to be optimistic to this sudden move. Sep 16, 2017 kuroko no basket kagami taiga best moments list of kuroko no basket kagami taiga best moments. Kagami must be thinking the same, because no sooner do they break apart that hes pulling him in again, placing his lips close to his ear as he husks desperately, we are going to destroy that bed today. He now plays as a regular with seirin with the goal of bringing the team and taiga kagami to the top of japan. Mafia ver kuroko no basuke kuroko s basketball mobile wallpaper zerochan anime image board. If kagami had found you, you would never be able to work as a model.

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